Learn To Paint A Canvas at Canvas Junkies Paint and Sip

Learn To Paint A Canvas at Canvas Junkies Paint and Sip

IMG_4119Taking an art class sounds intimidating, doesn’t it? If you said yes you are not alone. Many people secretly want to learn to paint but either believe they do not have the talent or are afraid to mess up in front of others. Unlike serious classes, our paint and sip lets you paint a canvas in a relaxed atmosphere. Here, you can enjoy the experience and company without having to worry about your painting skills.

Most people find that painting is not nearly as hard as they think once they get a few lessons and relax with a drink. When you paint a canvas to have fun, somehow all that anxiety just melts away.

How Paint and Sip Reno Classes Work

Paint and sip has become a popular activity in nearly every city in the country. Many businesses (like wineries) are now inviting mobile paint and sip companies in to attract customers.

Come in, order a drink and enjoy the music and company of your date or friends. While there, you will paint a canvas, which is provided by the paint and sip establishment along with all the tools you need.

Instructors teach you step-by-step how to paint and help you as needed. These classes are geared for everyone, from those terrified at the very idea of picking up a paint brush to those who have some painting experience.

Have the Most Fun You Have Ever Had as You Paint a Canvas

If the thought of picking up a paint brush fills you with dread, fear not. Our paint and sip classes in Reno are designed to take the anxiety out of creating your masterpiece.

Our instructors are not there to judge, but to help you have fun and learn to enjoy the painting experience. They are skilled at teaching everyone, so there is no such thing as not enough experience. It is their job to teach you one end of the paintbrush from the other.

Many of our guests tell us their evening of paint and sip Reno was one of the most fun experiences they have ever had. Canvas Junkies strives to create a fun and relaxing environment and encourages you to take advantage of our full bar to make your painting experience enjoyable. Come paint a canvas and then take it home as a memento of a great evening.

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Why Visit a Paint and Wine Reno?

Why Visit a Paint and Wine Reno?

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Paint and Wine Reno – It’s Perfect for Everyone!

Our paint and wine Reno classes are perfect for everyone. When it comes to painting, there are those who can complete breathtaking art pieces with a wave of the hand. And then there are those who have trouble drawing your conventional stick figure. Despite your level of expertise, painting can be a therapeutic and inspiring hobby that can result in the creation of something wonderful. Even if you think you don’t have a creative bone in your body.

If you are convinced you would be hopeless with a paintbrush, grab a friend and spend the evening with us at Canvas Junkies. Let us convince you how much fun paint and wine Reno night can be. Not only will you come home with a wonderful hand painted piece of artwork, but also unbeatable memories of time spent with a loved one.

We Promise, It’s Relaxing

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A lot of people are hesitant to try painting, but we find that when you put them in a relaxed atmosphere where there is entertainment and drinks, they tend to be a bit more willing to take a risk and just have fun. Once they relax, they amaze themselves with what they can do under the tutelage of one of our highly-skilled instructors. We find that everyone can enjoy the process of painting and everyone goes home with a piece of artwork they made themselves and can be proud of.

Instructors take their students through a step-by-step process. This helps make painting a bit less intimidating, and allows everyone to enjoy pride and success in their creation. Canvas Junkies strives above all else to make paint and wine Reno nights a fun-filled environment that you will not soon forget. Music, drinks, and laughter are all a part of the unique environment we have created at Canvas Junkies. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join the fun no matter if you have never picked up a brush before, or if you have been painting for decades.

Fun for Everyone

Canvas Junkies makes for a great for a date night or fun entertainment for a wedding shower, and it’s perfect for just about anyone that simply wants to relax and have a bit of fun. Do you enjoy getting together with friends, having a few drinks, and socializing with new people? Canvas Junkies gives you an alternative to conventional bars. There’s plenty of fun to be had during our classes and you are welcome to stick around and socialize. On Fridays and Saturdays, enjoy a bit of dancing after your painting lesson.

So are you ready to flex those painting muscles and give Canvas Junkies a try? Check out our calendar and see what project fits you best.

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